Uni Work

Project: Head hand and heart. One of the 4 craft poster I created.

Head, hand and Heart - a project exploring the importance and impact of craft in modern life and various communities. I created a series of "posters" each one using a different craft technique I had learnt.

Typographic experiment as part of my Head, Hand and Heart final major project.

The letter forms are made from the negative space of thousands of tiny hole (created using a sewing machine without thread)

Project: Track Nine.

The final piece was over 6 foot tall and took several day to create as the sequin were individually applied by hand.

3D typographic sculpture based on H.G. Well's short story The Time Machine. The brief was to reinvent the printed text of the book, ensuring every word was used.

Experimental Type Workshop. This typeface was inspired by the ink spills and mark of Oliver Cromwell’s signature.

Project: Terraforming. This project was based on a fictional new world where everyone's identity is the same. The inspiration for this was the condition known as "face-blindness" where people cannot identify or commit to memory facial features. I wanted to explore a society where everyone is faceless, where aesthetics and beauty are not only irrelevant but non existent.

Project: Terraforming. The final outcome for this project was a printed manifesto and guide to his new fictional world. I created a brand and visual identity taking inspiration for the simplistic and minimal design of 50's science fiction films and novels.

Prject: Terraforming. Logo design explorations

Project: Terraforming. Research into the condition Prosopagnosia or "Face-blindness"

Poster for the Turbine Hall at the Tate Museum. The poster was made using dyed cement, glass tiles and aluminum strips to reflect the materials the space is built from

Project: Expect the unexpected. This project was based on the accidental moments in life. I decided to focus on the social media phenomena of "photo-bombing" where people "hijack" photos they are not meant to be part of at the last minute. I chose to look at accidental "photo-bombers" people who appear in the background of pictures without knowing.

Project: Expect the Unexpected. The contents of the book was a series of accidental portraits, cutting out and focusing on the people caught in the background. I set up a blog and asked people to submit any "accidental portraits" they had taken. I wanted the cover to reflect the idea of looking into background so used letterpress to deboss into thick card, therefore pushing the text to back.